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Media relates the people in unifying and sharing of useful, accurate information and experiences based on their ideas. Media is the most leading technology, and it is gradually progressing in its forms. The popularity of media can’t be overcome, and now it has become a trend to provide content and information to people about fashion, Lifestyle, industry, etc. a lot of people has made websites to provide accurate and stunning information regarding their interests, but most of them failed due to some reasons, while other become successful due to continuous struggle and providing engaging and decorate information. While researching about this, our team of content writing service uncovered that the popularity of these websites is due to the content, which they make,  and its high followings on their pages and websites due to engaging content. These websites post accurate information based material, and their main topics for content are travel, lifestyle, humor, fun, and entertainment. They have maintained their online presence, and due to this, they have attained a lot of progress in less time.

Our writers of content marketing agency have listed ten media sites in pakistan and gathers information about the nature and working and success stories behind their popularities.


Parhlo was launched by Faiza Zafar who attains his Ph.D. degree in management science at SZABIST. She launches this website in 2014, and it was first kind of website which shares experience and content about realistic things.  The reason behind this is inducted by Faiza Zafar, when one of its co-founder try to publish an article in newspaper and it was rejected due to its style which was conversational and not based on newspaper content, then Zafar realized the need for a website like parhlo.  Parhlo is a platform which shares opinion, voice their opinion and experience.  The literal meaning of parhlo is “read” and it  is a website which has review under Urdu mirror and has language of English. Parhlo has its own app and it  engages people in Pakistan and Middle East it has a lot of content writers and welfare for swift running of website and app and it also hires Army of freelancers from social accounts to produce content for their post. According to the co-founder of of this website, they have five year  plan which involved using latest technology to reach online and offline audience to promote their business. They have native content for various brands like Telenor, Nestle, foodpanda and also generate additional content for Website advertising .


Mangobazz was started in 2014 by two young enterprenuers, they were based in San Francisco and were named Ali Ahsan and Ali Gul. According to Ahsan, the reason behind inauguration of this website is that they have an idea,  which came up during our conversation, that their Pakistan lacks a website that shows specifically to millennials. Now they are based in Lahore and they have a team of nine people which creates content based on corporate information and reality. Mangobaaz also contains some serious content which sometimes considered as controversial, they include social issues and how women are blamed and child prostitutions. Mangobaaz contains juicy and enjoyable just like wrapped mango. According to their founders, the website was initially funded by its founders, but now the website has started working with brands, so they are  generating revenue. Mangobaaz is now a native advertising site also and they also share videos and stories from different brands such as uber, Telenor. Mangobazz now fully depend on its revenues for future plans.


This website also starts in 2014 and it is a part of epress media group. The founder of this website is Bilal Lakhani, and publisher of express media group says, that this website was established to create audience for their media group, and the persons who are not interested in news and spend stand on Article on social media, and leave on that information. According to founder of this website, they have a dedicated team to create and organise a great and useful content for their website, which is based on three month experiment. They produce content on a standalone website, and they will know how to attract people through content. The response was promising and the content has been managed to show activeness since its Inception. Theey are also have a team of freelancers, and they are funded by express media group, funny video, new models. Likely, they are based on the media groups, to advertise and socialize these organizations which are also in the form of web banners.


This website was established in 2015, the team was unable to comment due to several attempts of its inauguration. According to their website name, they create positive inspiring and valuable social content for the Middle East and Pakistan, and they are committed and allowed to share positive information and its final stories to inspire and motivate their people, and if we put look on the website position, the team is a content provider and they furnish content for the brands and Native advertise. They also advertise and create content for other brands, and just like its competitors, native advertising is coming source of the revenues and they have various forms of articles listed for their advertising, and they are based on these revenues.


It is a website which was launched in feb 2018, and they have a fresh vision to grow. This website’s shares comprehensive information about Lifestyle, duty, entertainment, Bollywood, Hollywood, Pakistan industry, television, and provide accurate information of what is happening in the industry?who is winning the brand clothes, and what will be happen next and their probabilities, what’s Standing, and everything the audience search for, they provide accurate information to their audience, and interact with them to know what people want and what about they are curious to know so that they can create content for them. The  goal of this website is to provide useful and accurate content to their readers to engage them therefore they have made a lot of progress in Pakistan. It is a best website through their contact, they have a motivated team of fresh content writers which create content for their readers. This team is powered by alliances in technology and testing of the technology and everything, you  can get their hands they have a fresh mindset, and open to challenges.


Somethinghaute it is a Pakistani website guarded by Amna Isan, who is a fashion writer and analyst since 1995, interested  in constructive writing, and observations have made this website a more responsive and authoritative fashion and lifestyle platform which is the mirror of the personality of Aamna. Our professional content writers have played a vital role in shedding light on this point that, She has written content for many websites such as Dawn news, Sunday Outlook, Express, and they are currently working on editors of instep. Aamna  make a fashion website on which she can upload new and latest content about fashion, beauty, Lifestyle 10  she was a journalist to, therefore, for Pakistani readers to  tell them about the latest content for fashion industry. This website contains accurate and useful information about Lifestyle transformation which is based on festivals and how to improve it. Amna uses her 15 years to publish whiten and useful information about fashion industry how it is going and ways to improve it.


 Global Village space is formed by 3 Dreamers in Islamabad in 2017, and then they move to their offices with a small team, that works on the content, and they belong to Different cities across the world. In  last thirteen months GVS has published 20 thousand pieces of news analysis and opinions and they are read by 60 million times and 50% of their readers were from America, UK. GVShas now blast a magazine by the name of global village space to engage content of policy makers, academies to think globally. The reason behind this was to update people to think globally and according to the 21st century and and providing a platform to promote their dialogue and understanding and their useful experience so that they can also interact with the the readers and encourage their writers not to create any illegal content for their weiters and they also promote positive content which should be tolerable.


Brand scenario is an  online publishing platform that provides updated news and information based on marketing activities. It was published in 2006 and it was the only first platform which has grown up to a credible level and advertise trends and remains connected to its improvements aand shares Useful information about this brand it. This website provides solutions for their professional, students, applications and structures about the unique  marketing processes. It also provides information and news about brand, advertising, database PR platform. They also create content for social media post and publish them on their social media groups to interact and engage their readers. Based on tge information gathered about content writing company, it is noted that they also create articles about understanding and opinions of the people about news and Other industries, and their suggestions about improvement in news and other  strategies either in their platform or any other platform.


A website which was launched in 2012, and started as independent news in  Pakistan. They have gained popularity in Pakistan and internationally known for news provider, based kn various news source,  Technology information, gadgets, reviews and up-to-date information about this technology. Their aim is to provide and spread awareness about the sense of civil rights, education, health, and they also cover a range of issues . They also provide and motivate people to fight for their rightsvand they always produce positive and motivational content to engage and motivate their readers, instead of blaming others. The  name for Website arises, when the founders wants to create a platform where innocent people of Pakistan can be their voices and this websites is based on truth and reality about its content.


  This website is  providing information to improve your life styles, articles, images and videos and much more. The motive behind this website is that,  you are different and unique from others and don’t try to prove yourself just like others. They provide Useful information and knowledge to right people to follow right path, and provide them attention while growing up. They provide best details,which is based on intellectual compilation of their writers about health, facts, success stories, life hacks, News flash and much more.  They provide accurate and useful information to indicate their readers they also interact with their readers to know what their readers are happy to read, and what improvements they need in their life, and their collect information regarding their interest. Now they published articles and posts according to the interest of their readers they have attained a lot of success in less time due to promothe tion of content according to the interests of people.

According to the data collected by our content makreting agency,  It has been noted that these websites are best in content and media files, as they are gaining popularity among their audience, by providing the most useful and accurate information according to the people’s needs, and the content of these websites are different and unique in contrast to other websites. They have several writers and bloggers and well-known celebrity, which are providing accurate and useful information, that’s why they have made their identity that is distinctively there.

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