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In case you are experiencing a great deal of tension due to this coronavirus pandemic, you are surely not the only one. Things are getting harder because of this chaotic and uncertain situation. It is completely understandable to feel scared, confused, and stressed out. But this is the time where you have to support yourself and others too. Rather than bashing yourself over what you are doing, thinking, and feeling, try to do some fruitful activities to keep your mind healthy and fit. Honestly, you can do a great many activities in this quarantine if you really want to do it.

In this article of proofreading and editing service, we are going to take you through the healthy mind activities that can assist you with feeling better in a circumstance like this. So let’s check out the list of such activities.



Although gyms and sports clubs are not currently open, you can still do a great job while remaining at home or even outside, following the proper SOPs. Going outside for a walk once in a day can help you to feel better and you will surely feel less restricted by quarantine life. It will also improve your mood. Letting the sunshine on your face can immediately lift your mood and help energize you. If you are not feeling comfortable to go outside, you can perform yoga or can take online classes for alternatives. For more fun, you can challenge your friends to participate with you and create different fitness goals together.


Practicing gratitude really works. Every day list three things that you are grateful and write at least one page for each of them. Try to add more and more details and describe why you considered it and how it made you feel. Several studies have shown that this practice boost feeling of happiness and overall fulfillment. It will make your brain recall the memory again and have you relive those positive emotions.


If you have an interest in writing and you know basics of it, so start writing. In this field, numerous options are available for you. You can provide online writing services such as online editing, proofreading, academic help, etc. This work not only gives you sound income but also makes your free time fruitful. You can also engage your friends in this activity too. It is the best way to keep your mind active and fresh.

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Daily video calls with a friend or family member can help you feel like you are still socializing and that you are not alone. Have chats with your old friends. In our busy schedules, it becomes quite hard to call our friends and relatives. So consider this time as a great opportunity and have video calls or chats with your besties.


It is a very famous phrase that “a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind?” and one research shows that it is a true saying. So organize your surroundings. Maintain your drawers and wardrobe. It is an excellent way to keep yourself busy and bring some order to the chaos. One more thing you can do is to delete unnecessary files from your phones and laptop and convert your boredom into something useful job.


We are always busy without a work schedule in the normal routine and our parents always complain that we do not spend time with family. So here is a chance. Give time to your family. Play games like Ludo, monopoly, etc. Help your mommy in house chores. Ask your siblings if they need any kind of help. spending time with family relaxes your mind and makes you calm.


This situation is temporary and by the grace of Allah Almighty we will get out from it. Indeed, this time is frustrating and hard to deal with, but remember that nothing is permanent in this world. Time passes, whether it is good or bad. Coronavirus outbreak will pass and we will go back to our regular lives again. This consideration will definitely help you to cope up with this anxiety and depression.

Indeed, the whole world is suffering through corona pandemic and due to these lockdown conditions, lives have come to halt. It is very important for all of us to keep our minds healthy. These above-mentioned activities will surely help you in this quarantine situation. So in short, control your reaction, take actions and get out of this anxiety and stress. Start these activities and convert your boredom into something fruitful and interesting.

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