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Love-Hate Relationship Of Rain & Karachi

The city of lights, Karachi is a home to millions of people. People from all over Pakistan come and find love in Karachi. Karachi always welcomes people with an open heart. According to an online assignment writing service, Pakistanis from different cities come to Karachi for better and countless job opportunities. Karachi is made up of all cultures at once. No matter where a person is from, what language that person speaks, Karachi will always be home to everyone. Karachi is one of the largest cities of Pakistan that contributes a major part of revenue to Pakistan’s economy. People of Karachi crave for pleasant weather. Most of the days in a year are spent experiencing scorching heat and humidity. Weather has always been one of the drawbacks of living in Karachi because of its extremity. The usage of electricity increases because people tend to use air conditioners and the high consumption leads to power outages. The power outages make it even worse for the people to survive the hot weather. Every year, people of Karachi experience heat waves that takes many lives. The evenings are still extremely pleasant. This helps the people in surviving the heat all day, that they know at the end of the day they will have a pleasant evening. Karachi’s traffic is massive people don’t like traffic jams because they are annoying. The only attractions in Karachi are food and beaches. The coastal line that stretches long on a huge area is one of the getaways that the people of Karachi have. Other than this there aren’t a lot of traveling possibilities because the areas near-by are dry.

The extremely hot weather makes the people wish for rain because these rains always make the temperature moderate but it does not rain quite a lot in Karachi because of the geographical location and of course, global warming. The climate changes have forced the weather to further go on to the extremes and hence the hot temperatures. Rain has always helped in making the weather pleasant. It breaks the heat spell and makes the surroundings better.

Rain in developed parts of Pakistan is enjoyed a lot and people in Karachi also want to enjoy rain but they fail to do so because of the prevailing infrastructure situations in the city. The construction is not stopping, first, it was a horizontal form of construction and now it is vertical that means, Karachi will have more apartments. This is due to the increase in population day by day, people migrate from different cities of Pakistan for better-earning opportunities. Karachi is developed in a way that all the necessities are available in the region. From proper internet facilities to big hospitals and everything. It is an ideal place to live with family because it is comparatively cheaper. All brands and restaurants are located in Karachi. There are many luxurious residential projects and also those residential projects that cater to all sorts of people from different income groups. Everything is on point except for the maintenance of the city. The roads aren’t properly built, the areas that are not developed have no sense of construction. People build illegal buildings. Exploit the sewerage systems and this is how rain in Karachi is turned into a curse instead of a blessing. The gutters overflow and this leads to overflowing roads. People of Karachi love rain but not its aftermath because the situation is extremely hard to handle. The electricity goes out and the system entirely paralyzes. People can’t step out of their homes because their cars and bikes break down. People die by getting electrolytes through poles and wires. Still, people find ways to enjoy themselves and keep themselves positive in such situations.

The people of Karachi are real foodies, they find a way to enjoy food be it any situation. People start making food at home including refreshing tea and delicious “Pakoras” at home. Pakoras are potatoes and onions coated with flour. The tea and pakora combination are one of the famous and yummiest combinations that is not only enjoyed in Karachi but all over Pakistan. Other than pakoras people tend to eat parathas with chai. People go on their rooftops to enjoy the rain; it hardly rains in the region so when it does the people get extremely excited. Rain is a treat for the people of Karachi. They tend to make delicious food for lunch and dinner so that they can have a beautiful time with their families. Children enjoy the most, they explore. No matter how the area is, whether it is developed or not, children find ways to entertain themselves. If it rains on regular school days, mostly children get an off from school, which is a cherry on top. The roads get busy, traffic jams get normal and there is chaos. Traffic signals stop working and what not but the people of Karachi keep themselves extremely positive.

Rain in Karachi is celebrated like an occasion. This occasion is filled with happiness and excitement. Social media is bombarded with rainy pictures and posts. People come out on their balconies to communicate with neighbors. This is one of the famous practices that happens while it’s raining. This brings the people closer physically and emotionally. People get together to enjoy rains in Karachi but there are a few things that can’t be ignored including the fact that how backward the development of the city is. Karachi is highly populated but does not get the attention it deserves. The citizens of Karachi suffer a lot due to the rains. Monsoon becomes a curse if it rains more than a certain limit. The government fails to provide basic needs to the people of Karachi. Basic facilities such as drainage systems are not a part of the development. Cheap raw materials are used to construct roads and this leads to a disaster.

According to a research done by online assignment help; the population will increase day by day. A greater number of people will migrate from different cities to Karachi because the city is growing at a very faster rate than any other city. Karachi will always have better job opportunities and affordable living lifestyle. However, it is highly important that proper construction should be carried out and the flaws in the systems should be treated well so that the city can cater to a greater number of people. This will attract more people to come and invest in Karachi. This is how the economy will flourish.

The city has a love-hate relationship with rain. Rain is initially a blessing but turns into a curse, people do rant about it and want things and situations to get better but the government does not take action to solve the issues. The hot weather makes the people of Karachi helpless and rain makes them believe in living in the toughest part of the year. They want to pray for rain but end up praying for a limited amount of rain so that it stays in the form of blessing and does not turn into a curse. This has been happening for a very long time now, some have left the hope but rest only have hope with them that one day everything will come together and the problems will be solved. Rain will always remain a blessing.



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