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Millennials & Their Lives Amid COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the whole world. Thousands of people have lost their lives and millions of people are unemployed due to the lockdown conditions. Indeed the economy of the whole world is suffering badly. In these circumstances, millennials are playing a very significant role and they are trying their best to back this collapsing economy. Whether they are on the front lines as essential personnel or they are working remotely, their efforts are highly appreciated to keep the career on the track. They may be riding out this epidemic from their apartment, or the home of a friend or relative. Perhaps they have their own family to manage while trying to balance the other tasks of the day. No matter what is the situation, they are critical in this public health crisis.

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Millennials used to have hangouts, outings, picnic, parties, gatherings, etc. before this pandemic situation. But now due to these lockdown conditions, they are stuck at homes. Social distancing is really hard indeed, but millennials are the people among all the generations that are trying to maintain it. Furthermore, they keep advising their parents and younger generations to take care of it. To overcome social distancing, they chat or call their friends and family members.


A large number of millennials are working from home. Remote working has made the daily routine a little easier from them. Many of the millennials who were studying and now finding the time for some other activities are doing online jobs. For instance, many students that are good at writing are offering online assignment help. Many women are providing homemade food and earning a good income.


In the normal routine, the schedule is too busy. We do not give enough time for our families. Millennials are considering this time as the best opportunity to encounter their parents’ complain of not spending time with time. Family time is very important for mental and physical health. Helping your family members in house chores and playing family games is very relaxing indeed.

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Gyms and sports clubs are closed. So many people have made their home a gym. Online gym classes and other alternatives keep you fresh and active. People willingly do yoga at their homes as they have time for such activities now. Furthermore, the trend of the daily walk following the proper SOPs can also be seen among the millennials nowadays.


Millennials are shopping lovers. Rushing into malls is their favorite activity especially on some special occasion. But due to the lockdown, they cannot continue this. So, the trend of online shopping is immensely increased during the Covid-19. E-commerce got the boom during these days. Online services, online shopping have become essential for people nowadays especially for millennials.


All the educational institutions are closed and students are taking online classes. Students are facing difficulties due to these online classes as they are unable to access their teachers easily. Many students pursuing cheap assignment writing services for their tasks and online assignments. No access to libraries and teachers has made the studies difficult to some extent but online services are facilitating students in a great way.


Many millennials who have entrepreneur minds have started their own business to grow up their career. Many are offering writing services. The trend of home-based food is also increased. People are selling medical equipment online. Students are also inclining towards online tuitions as they cannot have home tuitions nowadays. So, millennials are also finding ways to start their online business.


You will see many millennials cleaning clutter. Organizing wardrobes and drawers. Deleting unnecessary files from and phones. Well, it is a great activity to convert your boredom into something productive. Clutter clearing is a big job and on normal days we do not have enough time to do it. So why not do this great job in this quarantine time.

While the coronavirus pandemic is affecting every individual in a major way, millennials are reporting the biggest impact on their finances, normal life, gatherings, activities, etc. On the other side, millennials are the people who are attempting to finding out some ways to keep the economy on its path. The lives of millennials are affected due to the coronavirus but they have started several other activities to encounter this. They are trying to manage their lives with this collapsing economy and their efforts are highly appreciated.

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