Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding with our services, kindly read our terms and conditions. Your confirmation of order marks the obligation of our terms and conditions by default.

1: Placing an Order​

You have to fill out the online form in order to place an order. Confirm your order only when you have no objection over our terms and conditions. At the confirmation of your order, you have to pay half of your total payment. Once paid, it cannot be refund even if you cancel your order.

2: Contact Us

We can be reached through via email, phone call and text messages.

3: Privacy Policy

We have definite clauses of privacy policy ensuring confidentiality of your identification and customer rights.

4: Product Use

You can avail our supplementary services of revision, if you require any iterations to be done.

5: Refund

If by any means you face troublesome situation by our services, you have the right to claim refund. To get the complete insight, read our section of the refund policy.

6: Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:

  •  Western Union
  • Online Banking
  • Easy Paisa
  • JazzCash

7: Copyrights

Once you receive your final work, you receive the copyrights along with it. In any case, if you end up claiming refund, and it gets acknowledged, then copyrights get back to our ownership and you are unable to use it anywhere.