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Almost every country is facing Corona pandemic. We can see partial to complete lockdown everywhere and due to this lockdown scenario, we are living the life of self-isolation. This lockdown and quarantine condition is necessary to minimize the social contact so that the spread of the virus can be reduced.  Children are sitting at their homes during this summer instead of playing with their friends. Students are taking online classes and many people are working from home. People are getting bored. But instead of focusing on what you cannot do in quarantine, you should consider the things you can do. There are many things which are full of fun and yes you can do them at your homes.

Assignment writing service in this article will tell you the productive activities which you can do at your homes in quarantine. So let’s check them.



In normal days we do not find enough time to have the chats with our old friends. So consider this quarantine as the best opportunity and reconnect with your old friends. The Internet has made it very easy and you can have video calls, conference calls with your friends. This is the time where you can make virtual connections while practicing social distancing.


You can learn many online courses during this quarantine. You can do some language learning course, or you can master yourself in some kind of software. You can also go for some online cooking classes. Almost all kinds of courses are available on the internet today. Many websites are there which provide online courses free of costs such as Coursera, Udemy, or


If you love writing and you are aware of the fundamentals of writing then it is the best time to mark your name. You can provide online assignment help to many students who face difficulties in making their assignments. These days, students are occupied with many online assignments. Facilitate them and earn money. Furthermore, you can also write stories, novels, blogs, articles, etc. to kill your time in the most productive way.


Learn and start cooking. Give your some time to the kitchen. Try new recipes. in these days, we cannot go to restaurants. Takeaways and deliveries are also limited. So why not start cooking new dishes and serve them to our families. This means now is the perfect time to broaden our culinary skills by practicing some healthy recipes.

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Help your mom in house chores. It is never a bad idea to chip in and help our mom’s in the kitchen, fill in the empty bottles of water, water the plants, and do some zoom broom.  Wash your clothes by yourself, set your room, and help your mommy in other home works too.


Are you the person who finds it hard to get up early in the morning or struggles between working out in the gym and reaching work on time? Whatever the problem you are facing, consider this time as a golden chance to wake up at your own time and start practicing some enjoyable and easy exercises to give the lethargic body a good stretch and release some endorphins.


Healthy sleep means a healthy body. We all know that it is necessary to have a good sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day but in daily routine, we are unable to practice it due to the tight schedules. Also, sleep is the best aging tool so catch your sleep in these quarantine days and keep your body healthy.


Spend good family time. In our tough schedules, we do not give enough time to our families. We are always busy with our office work or we are indulged with our studies. So why not consider this time as family time. You can play family games too such as Ludo, monopoly, sequence, etc. and find this amazing time as your re-connection time. Plus you get a perfect chance to nullify your parent’s complaints of you not spending enough time at home. 


Cleaning the clutter is the most productive activity you can do in quarantine. Clean and organize the all unnecessary photos and videos from your gallery, start deleting the spam e-mails, discard the expired foods from the fridge, maintain your bookshelf and wardrobe.

So, this is the list that one can practice during this isolation time. As a writer you can provide cheap assignment writing service, as a cook you can serve your family with the delicious dishes, and as a learner, you can learn different online courses. So, make your quarantine time productive, enjoyable, and full of fun and start focusing on the things which you can do at this time.

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